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We Had Our Perestroika. It’s High Time for Yours.

A brief comment on M. Gorbachev essay “We Had Our Perestroika. It’s High Time for Yours”, recently published by “Washington Post”.

1. I entirely agree with Mr Gorbachev that current crisis is not just financial and economic. It is political, too and the world economic “model is now cracking and will, sooner or later, be replaced”. More over I believe this replacement is part of ongoing process started with Perestroika i.e. It is not simply matter of “Our” and “Yours” social system, it is one single transition to new Civilization and now Humanity is in the middle of the road.

2. Apparently nobody could offer new model in advance, but it is not necessary actually. Any pre-designed model is Utopia. When the legislative, executive and judicial powers have been separated, nobody had had clear understanding how newly born democracy will work, look like, and what sort of economic system will create. In the same way the new model will emerge and evolve according to ongoing process of changes and innovations. Therefore it is not a matter of model rather than right direction; and there are only too options for Humanity to choose from: world run by money-masters or new form of democracy.

3. Society is an evolving rational system with constantly increasing complexity, comparable only with complexity of human brain. Theoretically most complex systems like human brain, human body and Universe itself have heterarchical structure. Not surprisingly people’s behaviour resembles interconnections of brain’s neurons.  For thousands of years Humanity has hierarchical structure due to his simplicity. The basic contradiction in modern society is contradiction between the course of Social evolution (transition from hierarchical to heterarchical structure) and Subjective factor (Political and Power elites) to keep existed hierarchical structure running as long as possible.

4. Not surprisingly the collapse of communism catalyses and accelerates the downfall and collapse of current politico-economic system, because it is already obsolete and irrelevant to complexity of modern society. However since the current system is global, “Americans perestroika” could start from everywhere, not necessary in the US. As Perestroika started with Glasnost, transition of the current politico-economic system to new one will be trigged by similar “simple” innovation.

5. In my view political crisis is due to constantly increasing influence of money in decision-making process, especially during the last few decades. In fact the power of money gradually undermined political decisions transforming democracy into plutocracy, masked and orchestrated as “democracy”. Redistribution of wealth creates financial elite and “redistributes” the power also. Many people accept this phenomenon as “common sense”, but it is not, because this system redistributes globally created wealth to the pockets of very few, turning the word into giant financial pyramid and creates misery and social outcast on massive scale. So the system works not in favour of society. Modern plutocracy is madness of Humanity. For that reason only solution is in separation of power of money from decision-making process.

6. One possible option for such separation is trough creating alternative and independent mechanism for making decisions working in parallel with existing decision-making mechanism. In nutshell – any problem could be resolved by network of experts through collaboration based on digital platform placed on Internet and totally independent from official institutions. At first place it is not necessary such decisions to be implemented in social practice. They should be considered as benchmarks and alternatives. In this way any such network will operate like “ad hock virtual think-tank” and combined will resemble virtual global “brain and mind”. All decision taken in this way cannot be influenced by money and will be made in favour of society as a whole not particular social group. Such alternative decision-making mechanism could be considered as new and higher form of democracy – Netocracy.

7. Creation of such decision-making networks, offering alternative solutions could trigger avalanche of social innovations changing social consciousness, shaping emerging model, and facilitating ongoing transition to “post-industrial” society. This is just the first step, followed by few similar, but most important, because it is equivalent to Glasnost as a trigger of irreversible changes. If such decision-making social networks are not implemented, the collapse of system could be triggered by any unexpected event and totally out of control.

8. In this case Humanity will fall for several decades into something as “political dark ages”, but replacement of system is inevitable, because ruling elite or subjective factor can make history, but cannot change the course of Social evolution. However in this situation the Humanity will pay unimaginably higher price.

D. Tchurovsky


August 12, 2009 - Posted by | Society

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