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Paradigm Shift

Core of any socio-economic system are Economy and Politics or decision-making mechanism. The economy is blood stream of society and supposed to “feed” properly all sells to secure their correct function. Decision-making mechanism supposed to work in favour of all people or society as a whole. Interactions between both sub-systems create what is known as Social Evolution or Course of history. Therefore the Social Evolution has two variables: objective (level of economy) and subjective (social creativity in general or decision-making mechanism in particular). Human history is a final result of this interaction.

All existed socio-economic systems since Agrarian revolution 10000 years ago tend to create hierarchical social structure of decision-makers. They deliberately redistributed created wealth to their own pockets and only objective law of Social Evolution periodically wiped out ruling elite replacing it with new form of decision-making mechanism and new players. These revolutionary changes are inevitable because the mindset of the old ruling elite create unsolvable social problems for time being and only solution is this mindset to be replaced by new one more adequate to new reality.

Recently two such carefully created pyramids of decision-makers ware wiped out. The first one was Hitler’s New order, which created pyramid of decision-makers controlling national resources and economy. Their mindset initiates the WWII and was crashed soon after. The Nazi story is an example how political power could change the mindset of ruling elite transferring people from normal on the bottom of political ladder to profound maniacs and sociopaths on the very top.

The second one is a pyramid created by communist political leaders – party’s nomenclature. The collapse of communism is not simply economical blunder. It is consequence of created mindset generating unsolvable social problems and the collapse was predictable and inevitable. Both cases are examples and blueprint of bloody and peaceful transition from pathological to more adequate to reality mindset respectively – decision-making mechanism.

Now the third pyramid – New World Order is near to collapse. The decision-makers are: Money-Masters, Robber Barons and Corrupted Politicians, or so-called power elite; people who play God, which mindset already generated number of unsolvable social and ecological problems. In fact the scale of created problems is in direct proportion with incompetence of decision-makers; proposed solutions are measure for the level of their insanity. Depending on how this pyramid will collapse – in bloody or in peaceful way, the history one day will consider them as “fanatics” or “sociopaths” from “political Middle Ages”.

Perhaps K. Marx will be astonished to realise that in 21st century, working class is not a “grave-digger of capitalism”. The real grave-digger is the power elite itself. Nobody has contributed to distraction of capitalism more than Neo-cons with their fictional war on terror, mindless ideology of Pax-Americana and destructive geopolitics. However this is not entirely surprising. Nobody contributed to recent collapse of communism than party leaders themselves.

Humanity is single organism. Confrontations and wars among nations are distractive and obsolete. Complexity of society does not tolerate hierarchical structures, because they are subjective and full of tension. Transition to new level of heterarchical social structure is inevitable, simply because it is a part of Social Evolution. The power elite are powerful regarding the rest of population, but powerless regarding the Course of history. This organisation could not be pre-design rationally, because qualitative leaps (revolutions) are unpredictable and follow objective laws.

Current financial crisis is only tip of the iceberg. The real problem is political system or decision-making mechanism, which generated this crisis among many others. Therefore fixing existing economical problems with bailouts is a way to prolong agony. The only solution is cardinal transformation from top to bottom in both sub-systems: economy and politics or existed decision-making mechanism.

Broadly accepted cliché is that communism is only alternative to capitalism. Nothing could be fare from the truth. The communism is based on proclaimed equality. Indeed equality makes sense for badly divided capitalist society because it is based on money as structure-determinated value. However future society will be based on knowledge as structure-determinated value; “equality” will be accepted as granted and can not be issue at all. Forthcoming paradigm shift mean replacement of profit-based economy with knowledge-based (ecological) economy, focusing on sustainable development of humanity as a system and above all – replacing the power elite with new decision-making mechanism. This is qualitative different socio-economic system with higher and more effective form of democracy – netocracy, which is self-governing society or society without governing elite.

Transition from democracy (in fact “demo-plutocracy”) to netocracy and from profit-based to knowledge-based economy is inevitable, because it is part of Social Evolution. To implement this transformation, only suggestion is to follow Mother Nature achievements and use human brain as blueprint to understand how evolution itself succeeds to create and combine self-regulating and rational functions in one structure. Apparently future society will resemble virtual human brain and mind, which successfully combine decision-making and redistributive functions in way to keep itself in balance with the environment.

Today nobody knows how exactly knowledge-based (ecological) economy and collaborative decision-making mechanism will work, but this is natural. In 18th century also nobody has been familiar with emerging free-market economy and democracy. So, the future generation will decide how forthcoming society will look like and how will operate. Our mission is only to direct transitional process in right course to avoid bloodshed and waste of rescores.

D. Tchurovsky


February 19, 2009 - Posted by | Society

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