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Democracy & Netocracy

There is a lot to discuss regarding future society, but let start with most fundamental issue – democracy and netocracy.

Forthcoming transition from Industrial to “Post-industrial”, “Democratic socioeconomic system”, “Netocracy” or whatsoever system, insist two major changes – new economy and new decision-making mechanism.

No doubt new economy inevitably will introduce some forms of “Universally Guaranteed Personal Income” and amount of “Maximum Allowable Personal Wealth” as you suggest. This is knowledge and moral base economy, which is completely different from so-called free-market economy. For money-driven modern society is very difficult, perhaps impossible to accept such change. I suppose for mentality of 18th century society was near unthinkable to accept that inherited power could be pass to commons, but this happened anyway and new born democracy guarantee some essential liberties and human rights to everybody. So this change is inevitable, because is part of social evolution, therefore objective law. The point is how to set and adjusted them democratically or at least peacefully. This is most dramatic issue, because is subjective and insist replacement of existed power elite with people with different mindset. Hence this is a question of decision-making mechanism.

Decision-making mechanism reflects complexity of society and is changed accordingly. Agrarian societies were ruled by single person: Tsar, King or Emperor, but Industrial societies elaborated new more adequate to reality decision-making mechanism – democracy. The democracy is a collective decision-making mechanism, which include spectrum of political parties, competing platforms, voting system and so forth. Apparently democracy is more complicated and adequate to complexity of industrial society mechanism. However as anything in this world democracy has its limitations.

First of all limitations of democracy are due to increased complexity of modern society. Globalised world generate global problems. No one of well known global problems could be resolved by democratic decision-making mechanism i.e. by voting system. The problems are so specific, complex and very few people actually have sufficiently knowledge and expertise to understand properly what is going on. Even scientists are often divided by opinions. Politicians are helpless and their decisions are motivated by geopolitics and national interest instead of interest of humanity as a whole. During the last decades democracy gradually eroded to plutocracy. According official report of World Bank around one trillion dollars are paid to corrupted officials across the world. General elections are more or less political shows oriented to manipulate voters rather offering real changes. Mainstream parties are almost identical. Not surprisingly most of people, sometimes above 60%, don’t bother to vote at all. Keep in mind there is no option voting system to be improved, rationalise or make more efficient. Democracy is death and nobody could reanimate it. So, forthcoming socioeconomic system insists new more complicated and adequate to new reality decision-making mechanism. In my view this is netocracy.

Netocracy is collaborative decision-making mechanism, which exclude voting system by definition. I briefly outlined how netocracy work in my website. Now I would like to list some of more important differences between democracy and netocracy. Democracy is collective, netocracy – collaborative decision-making mechanism; democracy is based on voting in favour of majority, netocracy exclude voting and decisions are elaborated to feasible models and tested in social practice it works in favour in humanity as a whole; democracy is corruptible, netocracy exclude corruption by mechanism; democracy is based on political parties, netocracy – on social networks. Political parties and social networks are also different type of organisations: political party is national group of people shearing similar ideas, social network is globally oriented and ad-hoc constellations; political party resemble labours digging tunnel, social network resemble association in human brain and so forth. The point is netocracy is qualitative different and higher level of development of democracy.

I coined term “netocracy” 5-6 years ago for my personal use meaning “next higher level of democracy”. Around two years later I discovered that such world already exist, coined by “Wired Magazine” meaning “Internet aristocracy”, which is something completely different. Apparently this could cause misunderstanding, but I decided to keep this term anyway, because I was not able to find more appropriate. However there is a lot homonym around.

Regarding future socioeconomic system I think it is knowledge based and I coined term “epistemism” with meaning – knowledge based “ism”. This socioeconomic system is based also on moral – unwritten laws of social sustainability and dominated form of social consciousness will be shifted from politics to moral. Therefore politics will diminish as role in future society as religion was shifted by politics after transition from agrarian to industrial society. Therefore netocracy is linked to morality, as democracy – to politics.

Dimitar Tchurovsky


December 10, 2008 - Posted by | Society

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