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My credo in brief

my credo in brief is:

I don’t believe in current democracy, because it is pure plutocracy presented by propaganda machine as “democracy”. I think political parties are obsolete, because they are under control by power elite: mainstream by sponsorship and corruption, smaller – by lack of funding. Election process is excessively expensive and just political show without any chance to deliver real changes. Political battlefield is under total control and Global Justice Movements have no chance to fight, not to say to win a battle on political ground. Therefore in my view Justice Movements battlefield should be outside politics.

However I have no shadow of doubt that forthcoming transition from industrial to “post-industrial” society is inevitable doesn’t mater how powerful power elite and financial barons are or look irreplaceable and unshakable. This is so, because nobody could beat the system, in this case – social evolution. The question is rather whether this transition will be implemented by bloody or peaceful way. The bloody transition will has terrible consequences for humanity. So, our mission is to make it peaceful.

The strategy. Imagine criminal court without jury. In few years Criminal Justice System will be in complete mess, as current political live is in disarray. The institution of jury is which make criminal court fair, self-regulating and proper system. Our society needs such body to control politicians and judge any political decision from point of view of morality i.e. humanity as a whole. Is it good or bad for humanity? Forget about the UN and Security Council. The UN is designed as world government and is staffed by politicians concerned by hegemony and geopolitics. Not surprisingly they are powerless to prevent even local wars or guarantee security. Introducing similar to jury institution – non-political, moral judgment body of all political decisions or moral ground could be our battlefield. The future society will be based on knowledge and moral will shift out politics as politics replaced religion as dominant form of social consciousness after transition from agrarian to industrial society.

Tactics for implementation include two-steps action. A network of people should collaborate on wiki based platform to draft a New Magna Carta (just working title, could be Moral Declaration or whatsoever). This is 2-3 pages document outlining necessity of moral corrective mechanism resembling jury, how such body should operate, selection of members, rights, procedures and so forth. (See my website still not fully operational, but could suggest a flavour of what I mean; pages “Global problems, Society, New Magna Carta”). Once the documents is finalised, should be promoted by campaign and presented as a petition in the UN or EU for ratification. Remember England succeed to transit from agrarian to industrial society peacefully due to undersigned Magna Carta century ago and British kings were not so unfortunate to became absolute monarchy, as French do. So, absolute power is which make transition bloody event. If some mechanism for control of political decisions is implemented peaceful transition has a chance.

D. Tchurovsky


December 9, 2008 - Posted by | Society

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