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How to “Upgrade” Democracy?

Evolving society become more and more complicated and decision-making mechanism periodically was upgraded to more powerful “operational system” (OS). For instance Agrarian societies have been ruled simply by one person; therefore autocracy is “version 1.xx” of decision-making mechanism. There are many “xx” modifications of this operational system, but the people of 18th century successfully upgraded autocracy to democracy, which is completely different “2.xx” version, more powerful, sophisticated, stable and most importantly – adequate to complexity of emerging Industrial societies.

Democracy was great operational system. It is collective decision-making mechanism, involving political parties competing to rule, elections and voting system working in favour of majority. Democracy is “collective mind” it worked very well for several centuries. During 20th century democracy also experimented with some modifications of decision-making mechanisms. In general these versions are attempts of one particular group of users to monopolise entire market. Most important are communism and fascism, which already crashed because they were unable to solve the social problems, they were created for.

Currently dominated “corporative democracy” also intend to monopolise entire market, but cause more damage than good to society and soon will collapse in even more spectacular way, because of the same reason – emerging global problems are so complex and “collective mind” of political parties, think-tanks and other democratic institutions, simply cannot solve them. This corporative version of democracy is badly paralysed by greed and hypocrisy, it destroy morality of users and generate social outcast and terror. Perhaps soon this version of democracy will be pronounced as clinically death. So, modern society is on the brink of transition from “Industrial” to “Post-industrial” level of complexity. Humanity urgently need new version of decision-making mechanism, adequate to this higher level of social and technological complexity. This is version 3.xx or “collaborative” decision-making mechanism.

“Collective mind” and “Collaborative mind” sound similar, but difference is principle and staggering. There are no political parties, leaders, “fathers” and voting systems at all; only we – the people of 21st century. Collective mind is something like – “mechanical set” of individual minds; Collaborative mind is “functional synergism” of the best minds of humanity.

Collaborative decision-making mechanism works as human brain, which is the most sophisticated decision-making mechanism created by Mother Nature itself. There is no “competing”, “leading” or “controlling” sells, no voting system; there are only associations (or collaboration) among “most relevant brain cells”. Hence we simply have to apply this mechanism to future society. So, basically people with necessary expertise collaborate as brain sells do in attempt to find solution, which is tested in real life. The final decision is made in favour of humanity as a whole, because humanity as a whole is a single living organism (or rational system). Therefore the collaborative decision-making process resemble global virtual mind in action. This stuff is outlined in more details at

To give a chance for such collaboration, experimental version of 3.xx decision-making mechanism is installed on wiki based website, which offer possibility to everybody with sufficient expertise to participate and collaborate with others in attempt to resolve social problems on all levels – global, regional, national and local. This Project also offer an opportunity to all people currently involved in variety of social movements, to collaborate in outlining the features of Modern society, the structure and functions of Future society and how transitional period will be implemented.

Apparently the people, who control the currently dominated corporative version will tray to keep it running as long as possible, but approaching upgrade is inevitable, because this system cannot run smoothly with very sophisticated modern applications. So, let make this qualitative leap from “collective” to “collaborative” mind, and upgrade Democracy to new more adequate to complexity of forthcoming society decision-making mechanism.

Upgrading the system is job for professionals. During 18th century British upgraded their version 1.xx to 2.xx OS in peaceful way. French people completed the job in very emotional and damaging way. Let we, the people of 21st century, upgrade paralysed democracy to the new 3.xx version peacefully and wisely. So, you are invaded to visit and participate in pre-release testing and debugging of this revolutionary new OS and bear in mind only collaborative mind could make it stable and operational.

D. Tchurovsky


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