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"Netocracy"  is a term with two different meanings: a) in technological
context "netocracy" derives from "internet" and "aristocracy" and refers to
a perceived global upper-class that bases its power on a technological
advantage and networking skills; b) in humanitarian context netocracy is the
next level of development of democracy. This is newly emerging mode of
"collaborative decision-making mechanism", based on digital technologies and up-and-coming
social networks. In this case the word "netocracy" derives from "net" (web
of connections) and the ancient Greek "kratos" -  "rule" or "power" and is
qualitative new stage of development of decision-making process. Netocracy
is based on virtual global mind or global intellect, social consciousness
and self-consciousness. Decisions are made in favour of society as a whole.
Netocracy is self-ruling society without power elite. The next
socio-economic system (i.e. after capitalism) is epistemism – knowledge
based economy and collaborative decision-making mechanism. 

For more details see
D. Tchurovsky

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